One Of Our Favorite Places To Elope In NYC

One of the most unique places to elope in NYC we’ve found is down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, or DUMBO, for the NYC savvy. Our photographers and officiants have done their fair share of searching through the city to find the most jaw dropping locations around. This secret spot happens to be one of the best. This gem sits right on the sandy shores of the East River. One of the city’s most stunning backdrops towers overhead: The Manhattan Bridge. If you want intimacy, privacy, and beauty, this part of DUMBO has you covered. One of our favorite Swedish couples couldn’t agree more. They were looking for a Brooklyn industrial vibe in their wedding photos. We delivered! The two exchanged heartfelt vows right under the bridge – a true New York wedding! A little rock climbing followed for some more awesome shots after the ceremony. Check out Jonica’s amazing work (and this couple’s classy style)!

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