You found us because you are making the wise decision of having the wedding you want and NOT what society, peer pressure or family wants you to have. (damn thats heavy for an opener 😂)

Whether its an elopement or a destination micro wedding. From simple and low-key to bougie and over the top to wacky and quirky and everything in between.

As long as you want a wedding that is custom made for who you are as a couple then you have landed in the right place and we are here to help guide you on this journey.

You might be super rebellious and want to ditch all the wedding kit and kaboodle. So you wear sneakers and get your flowers from a NYC bodega.


Or you might wanna come to NYC, book a baller hotel suite and eat at that Michelin star resturaunt you have been dreaming about.


You have found your people here at Eloping is Fun ❤️ I am actually like a 50/50 mix of the 2 😂

  • You know that your wedding day should be fun
  • You know that experiences are the best investment in life
  • You are financially responsible but you are not cheap

By opting out of the big wedding trap you have the freedom in invest in YOU AND YOUR STORY and that magic of a heart felt wedding ceremony to commemorate this awesome life adventure you are embarking on.

All of our packages include a personal planning guru

We are all here because we do not want stress. Life is too short and precious. But you know what? Elopements can absolutely also be stressful without help and expert guidance

Stress /stres/ noun:

1. engaging in an activity or project that you have never done before and doing so with no help or guidance

“This started out fun but now its all stress, the paperwork, the permits, the unknowns” Similar: tension worry anxiety

Our mission at Eloping is Fun is to make your wedding day and your planning smooth and stress-free.

Here is the second way people try to bypass stress. “I’ll just keep it small and simple” ok we are all for that BUT that is not the sole foolproof way to avoid stress. The antidote for stress is experience and guidance. Don’t trust your wedding day to chance no matter how big or small

Your story of your wedding has a lasting impact. It is an opportunity, one that we want you to rejoice in and make the most of. We are here to bring that dream to life! Some of you are NOT being totally honest with your self about what you want out of your wedding day. Some of you are looking at it form the angle of what not to do and not what TO DO!

For further clarification please read my treatise on “Why you should be dreaming bigger for your elopement” Or if you wanna hear me be full on Elopement Queen bitchy and throw shade at City hall you can check out “So you are thinking about Eloping at City Hall”

While we did not invent elopement packages, we damn well perfected them, so it's time share a bit more about how we make the magic happen at Eloping is Fun.




Team work makes the dreamwork. why does that matter? Every elopement and micro wedding has moving parts, details, logistics. We are a one stop shop, your ONE point of contact to keep track of for your ENTIRE elopement dream team, your photographer, officiant, videographer, planner. We live and breathe elopements and we work together like trained ninjas.

This day is custom tailored to YOU. We want you to dream, we want you to express yourself. A big part of our process is getting to know you and allowing you the space to be YOU in all your quirky glory. I always say give us your dreams and we give you a plan.

As a recent EIF bride commented at the end of her wedding “all I had to do was show up and look cute”

The days, weeks and months that you spend planning set the tone for your wedding day and we want those days to be as sweet as your wedding day. We are here at every step as your guide and resource. That means you don’t have to spent time thinking, worrying, pondering, wondering, experimenting, dealing with problems.



We offer add-ons for music, transportation and a few exclusive ceremony spaces but, as some other elopement companies do, we DON'T add flowers and hair and makeup in our packages. If you want the bitchy answer as to why. We think its kinda chintzy. You should choosing your florist and hair and makeup. When you book your elopement package with us we send you a insider guide to NYC’s best elopement vendors.

But if you want a concierge experience, we got you. With out planning upgrade we DO IT ALL FOR YOU. Book all your appts, schedule, pay, tip, coordinate, wrap it up in neat little package for you! We even have a wedding day sherpa show up at the hotel 2 hours before your wedding to bring you fresh croissants or grab some Tylenol for your mini-hangover, or get a dress steamer ASTAT, its amazing. I would DEF get this if I was getting married again. Everyone deserves to be King or Queen for a day.

If you want to know what it is like on the other side, let our EIF couples tell you about their experience.

WATCH this video!

It has all the feels!

our base packages

The Ultimate one

The go all out package

This is the package for our dreamers, the ones who want to take this day by the horns and CELEBRATE and leave no stone unturned in the great city of NEW YORK! We will embark on an adventure that explores all the things you love and create a stunning portfolio of images that will make all you swoon!


  • 100% personalized wedding ceremony
  • Legal filing of your license with the NYC City Clerk
  • 7 hours of photography with one of our Award-Winning Photographers and NYC Gurus
  • Sexy Web gallery for sharing and downloading your photographs
  • $500 credit towards any of our EIF add-ons

The Fun one

The Epic Elopement

For that once in a lifetime vibe. Includes a bespoke wedding ceremony and 5 hours of photography, fun and adventure to capture your unique personality, marking and documenting this important day in your life together. We will work together to create a unique NYC photography itinerary that tells your story as a couple so that you can have a treasure trove or amazing memories and photographs to cherish for the rest of your life together.


  • 100% personalized wedding ceremony
  • Legal filing of your license with the NYC City Clerk
  • 5 hours of photography with one of our Award-Winning Photographers and NYC Gurus
  • Sexy Web gallery for sharing and downloading your photographs
  • A bottle of champagne or fireworks for the end of your photo shoot! 🍾 🎇 🤘

The gold standard

Get Married Anywhere

With three hours of photography and a custom ceremony that tells the unique story of YOU, this package has you covered. We will create a fun filled photo shoot for you with some of NYC's most iconic and photogenic backdrops. This is one of our most popular packages for good reason. You will walk away with a memorable stress free day and an amazing gallery of photographs.


  • 100% personalized wedding ceremony
  • Legal filing of your license with the NYC City Clerk
  • 3 hours of photography with one of our Award-Winning Photographers and NYC Gurus
  • Sexy Web gallery for sharing and downloading your photographs

The simple one

Straight Forward " I Do"

If your dream is to come to NYC, say your vows and have some amazing pics to share with the folks back home then this is the package for you. This package comes with the same level of customization and personalization but in a neat and compact time frame.


  • Everything in the Get Married Anywhere but with 1.5 hours of photography.
  • note that this package is ONLY available Monday-Thursday

the ultimate one

the fun one

the gold standard

the simple one

7 hours

5 hours

3 hours

1.5 hours

  • 1.5 hours of photography
  • personalized wedding ceremony
  • legal filing of your paperwork
  • Vendor guide with exclusive EIF discounts for florals, hair make up
  • Sexy web gallery of all your edited images for donwloading, sharing and viewing
  • 1 location avail Monday to Thursday
  • Everything included in the gold standard plus
  • A bottle of champagne or fireworks for the end of your photo shoot!
  • 5 hours of photography at up to 4 locations
  • EVERYTHING in the simple one plus
  • 3 hours of photography at 2-3 locations
  • custom photo shoot itinerary and personalized planning assistance
  • available Monday thru Friday
  • Everything included in the fun one plus
  • $500 credit to be used towards any of our amazing EIF add-on services (music, transport, video, private locations)
  • available 7 days





sample itinerary

sample itinerary

sample itinerary

sample itinerary


The epic

ceremony video





  • 3 hours of Video Coverage
  • 60-second sizzle reel
  • 15-second IG reel
  • 4-6 min highlight reel
  • full ceremony
  • 1.5 hours of Video Coverage
  • 30-second sizzle reel
  • 2 min highlight reel
  • full ceremony
  • 5 hours of Video Coverage
  • 60-second sizzle reel
  • 30 second sizzle
  • 2-15-second IG reels
  • 5-7 min highlight reel
  • full ceremony
  • Full ceremony

Chauffered SUV

Vintage Taxi


Starts From:

Starts From:

Starts From:




Acoustic guitar








exclusive venues

Eclectic artist loft

Super secret garden



micro-wedding and vip planning

make it even better

elopement planning upgrade

While all of our packages come with comprehensive guidance as well as access to our EIF planning playbook and affiliate discounts for florals and hair and makeup, THIS option is for the couple that wants it DONE for you in style. Drawing on our connections, expertise, style and taste, this upgrade gives you total peace of mind to sit back and let us take care of everything for you. Let us pamper you with care on your wedding day and save you even more time throughout your planning process.


  • Booking any and all beauty appts in NYC with Jennys tried and true faves (nails, waxing, hair and make-up, in house massage, barbers for cuts and beard trims and cocktails)
  • a dream and scheme call with ashley to talk needs, budget and design
  • full day itinerary and booking your dinner reservations
  • Arranging florals, bouquets, boutonnières, flower crowns, rose petals for your ceremony site
  • 2 hour day of NYC sherpa (need a printer for your vows, have a stain on your dress or need a steamer, craving a cronut or a smoothie, need asprin or a red bull) Your EIF sherpa will be standing by your hotel pre-ceremony for any needs that come up
  • all additional services booked for you by EIF will be detailed line by line and added to your final invoice

Micro-wedding planning

Micro-Wedding Simple

Micro-Wedding Deluxe

Our additional Micro wedding planning support gives you an extra layer of coordination necessary to ensure that your day and your guest experience is as smooth as possible. Required for wedding with over 10 guests

Our deluxe micro planning is for those who require additional support in arranging a more detailed and curated day for you and your guests. Helping you stay on budget and on schedule as we create a kick-ass micro wedding in NYC.



  • Everything in the simple package PLUS
  • Full wedding day detailed itinerary (from makeup-afterparty)
  • 30 min budget call
  • 30 min design call
  • Curated list of 3-5 venues/private spaces and liaison with venues
  • Coordination with any additional outside vendors, venue, transportation, entertainment, catering
  • COI (certificate of insurance) for venue
  • 2 hour on site assistant day of wedding (additional hours can be added for $60/hour)
  • 30 min timeline, guests needs and itinerary call
  • Customized Wedding Day run of show for guests. See sample HERE
  • Customized shot list for family photos
  • Permit for central park locations (additional fee for Brooklyn permits and private parks)
  • on-site assistant for 1 hour (additional hours can be added for $60/hour)





We are here to help you curate a once in a lifetime wedding experience that you will look back at with no regrets. book Your elopement consultation call with jenny and start planning the wedding of your dreams

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