THE Most Reverend Matt Levy, where it all started, well actually it was his wife Jenny. But there would be no eloping is fun with out the wit and charm of the most fabulous mustached Officiant in NYC. Matt is a Leo and a former theater geek who studied performance art and poetry at Emerson college. He travelled the country with his Guerilla poets crew for many years before settling back in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. When he met his wife Jenny, the world renowned wedding photographer, she had been doing quite a bit of elopements. She loved the fun and the freedom of elopements, but the only problem is that all of the officiants were totally lame and city hall was a nightmare. With Matts quirky and upbeat personality and way with words, Jenny knew that Matt was a naturally born officiant and It didn’t take much to get him on the elopement train. He is also a die hard romantic who cries at American express commercials. So that is how Eloping is fun was born.