A step by step guide to your perfect NYC elopement

Wherever you are in this process, whether it is secret late-night conversations about flying to NYC or whether you are already planning the Post-Elopement bash back home with your friends we are here to help you every step of the way. while we are here let’s just dive into it with the sexiest topic of all……Paperwork!

Let’s start with some basics.

Who can get married in NYC?
The answer is anyone gay, straight, young or old, 1st marriage or 5th marriage. I’ll walk you thru all the steps of getting your license and you will be delighted to realize how easy it is to get married in NYC

Will my marriage be legal in my home country?
Yes it most certainly will be.

Step one is a visit to NYC’s City Clerk
a.k.a the Marriage bureau at 141 Worth st in Lower Manhattan. They are open Monday thru Friday from 8:30am until 3:45 pm and closed on major US holidays. I always tell my couples to get to the city clerk on the early side. If you arrive anytime before 10:30 am you will likely be in and out within 30 minutes. Starting around lunchtime the wait times tend to get longer

What happens at the City Clerk?
Both of you need to be present and you will fill out a simple one-page application where you will list some basic information such as your names, address, country of birth. You will need your ID, a driver’s license or a passport is sufficient and $35 which you can pay by credit card. They will issue your license right there on the spot! After a 24-hour wait period, you are ready to get married by one of our licensed officiants. Your license is valid for 60 days and if you planned your trip in such a way that you do not have time for the 24 hour wait period, don’t worry, just let us know and ill let you know what your options are.


Bring your license to your ceremony so that our officiant can officially declare you married. If it is just the 2 of you then your photographer will be your witness. NYC only requites one witness but if we stumble across a sweet old lady on a park bench who would like to sign we can have up to 2 witnesses. After your ceremony and signing of your paperwork, we will make a copy and send the original the city clerk and you will receive your certificate in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Pick a date

Ok great. Now our minds are at ease at how easy it is to elope in NYC. The next step is to choose a date and start planning. We do elopements 365 days a year. Every season has its own magical quality about it.

Spring in NYC brings an ocean of pink petals from our famous cherry blossom trees.

Summer is when NYC comes alive with outdoor concerts and luxurious sunsets.

Autumn in central park is an oasis of vivid reds, oranges and blankets of bright yellow leaves from gigantic Ginko trees.

Winter is a great time to cozy up indoors and stop off at a dive bar for a whiskey during your photoshoot and rock your faux fur jacket.


Once you have your date its time to customize an elopement package for you. Don't worry if you have not decided on a ceremony location yet. We will take care of that next.

All of our base packages come with an awesome photographer of your choice, meticulous planning, and coordination by the head honcho Jenny, a custom written wedding ceremony with the officiant of your choice.

You can choose 1.5, 3 or 5 hours of photography time and from there we offer a slew of sweet add ons like videography, a vintage taxi or private ceremony locations to name a few. After you have chosen your package and add-ons I will send you an online booking proposal to secure your date and then you can officially tell the world (or keep it a secret) that you are your boo are GETTING MARRIED IN NYC! Yaaaaasssssssssss

Can I bring guests to my elopement?

Yes. This is your day and we are here to customize it to your heart's desire. Micro-weddings have been gaining popularity over the past few years. It is the perfect combo for having a fun stress free wedding day on your own terms AND being able to celebrate with those people how are most important in your life.

So what exactly is a micro-wedding? Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes a micro wedding. For us, we have found that we need to take extra care and planning for any elopement over 5 guests. We offer an add on micro wedding planning assistance for 5-10 guests and another tier for 10 or more guests. We work with you to address the needs of your guests as well as laying out a thoughtfully detailed structure and itinerary for the day that includes ceremony spots for the size of your group, transportation guidance, recommendations for bars, restaurants and private dining rooms. We also offer an on-site planner for the day of your wedding to do anything from greeting your guests, picking up your flowers or setting up a celebratory picnic with champagne in central park.

brooklyn bridge

What else should i know about Eloping is Fun

We are here 24-7 to answer every one of your questions. You don't have to have it "all figured out" before you book your elopement with us. We will help bring your vision into reality. Both Matt and I are native New Yorkers and we know this city inside and out. We love planning unique elopement adventures..... like that time we set up a Sunday morning elopement at a donut shop or that time an Australian couple wanted to get married on the beach in the middle of winter so I found a guy to build us a bonfire for their ceremony.

We are always up for an adventure if you are and whatever details are important to you are important to us.

Meet your Officiants!

accordion officiant
shula officiant

Reverend Love a.k.a Joel

Minister Matt Dallow


And your Photographers

mariliana arvelo

Jenny a.k.a head honcho




If you can dream it we can do it

We make each elopement experience a reflection of your style & your personality


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