How to get your wedding license in NYC during Covid

Welcome to the fun world of planning a wedding during a pandemic. There might be a few hurdles but i promise we will get thru this together!

So we need a license to officially marry you. NYC’s Marriage Bureau building has been closed since march and they have moved everything online to Project Cupid. 

We recommend that you apply for a license asap. Dont be alarmed if you do not get an appt in the time frame you were hoping for. There is a back log BUT they release new appointments every thursday morning and most of our couples have been able to score appointments  in very very short time frames. 

You and your fiance will both need to be present in the same room for your virtual appointment. Once you appt is done you will immediately receive your license. Your license is ready to use 24 hours after you receive it and is valid for up to 60 days. Many couples have also been getting a license from outside of the city (long island or westchester) For those offices you will need your birth certificate. (in NYC you dont need your birth certificate only your ID)

If you are planning to get married, lets say in the next 2 weeks and cannot get your licence for another month DONT WORRY! we will do your paperwork when you get it and still go ahead and plan the elopement of your dreams on the damn day you WANT IT! you have made enough sacrifices this year…Let’s marry you, have a grand ol’ time and then do the paperwork at a later date over cocktails at me and the Most Rev’s Speakeasy The Covert Cocktail Club in Bushwick Brooklyn

ok let me know if you have ANY questions at all. I am here for you

I mean don’t ya’ll just want to do the damn thing and slay ? in 2020!!!! Not many people can tell their Grandkids that they were married in NYC during a PANDEMIC!