Most Reverend Matt Levy

THE Most Reverend Matt Levy, where it all started, well actually it was his wife Jenny. But there would be no eloping is fun with out the wit and charm of the most fabulous mustached Officiant in NYC. Matt is a Leo and a former theater geek who studied performance art and poetry at Emerson [...]

Reverend Love aka Joel

The Reverend Love Lawrence coined the phrase ‘This glitter is a lifestyle’ and, perhaps not surprisingly, is a true believer in the exceptionalism of love. In his past lives and alter egos, he has donned the mantle of Lord Easy and co-hosted an internationally reknowned karaoke program, Karaoke Killed the Cat; spun records and acted [...]

accordion officiant

Minister Matt Dallow

Dont let the accordion or old-timey moustache fool you, Matt Dallow is a hopeless romantic at heart. A trained musician with 15+ years of playing in odd and extraordinary locations (including an illegal speakeasy hidden away in a rooftop water tower, accompanying the Grim Reaper at a Banksy exhibit and in an episode of Law [...]

shula wedding officiant


Ms. Shula Melamed is our resident soulful, grounded, warm, kind and witty Officiant. She is a Brooklyn born and based relationship coach fascinated with love and human behavior. The topic of love and how couples meet, marry and maintain their relationships has led her to a career spanning 10 years helping people improve or develop [...]

Eloping is Fun Offers the most unique and personalized elopement experience in NYC with 4 amazing officiants (or celebrant if you’re from Australia) to choose from.