Hello there! We’re so happy you discovered Eloping is Fun! Want to be let in on a little secret? 

Big weddings are expensive and sometimes stressful. Elopements are the way to go. But you already know that, because you found Eloping is Fun! and the magic fantastic eloping team of Jenny Mac her husband The Most Reverend Matt Levy, Minister Matt Dallow, Reverend Love, Jonica, Mariliana and Mayleen! We love marrying people, especially when it’s a crazy awesome adventure in NYC. Why? Because when you choose New York as your destination wedding-for-two, the opportunities for unique, epic, heartfelt, iconic ceremonies are literally endless. Our philosophy, in case you haven’t discerned it from the pics, is that eloping IS fun and we are the ones to capture that fun, that attitude, that energy and that wide-eyed experience of two souls in love on their wedding day. Each member of the Eloping is Fun team brings a unique skill set and flair to the party as they craft that perfect moment you are looking for. Whichever team members work with you to make your elopement unforgettable, you will find our cheerfulness infectious, our creativity inspiring, and our commitment to you absolutely unparalleled.

Jenny and Matt
  • Jenny and Matt

  • Founders
  • They lead the Eloping is Fun collective with energy and creativity. From great people skills to her prowess with a camera, Jenny’s expertise has led clients to rave, “From describing our vision for the day, to choosing the right package, to finalizing the details, it was all stress-free and easy-going. Jenny made us feel comfortable and excited, and the outcome was absolutely beautiful.” Matt’s experience as a licensed New York City tour guide and owner of Levys’ Unique New York! adds a rich dimension to his role as an officiant, and he enjoys scouting out the perfect location as much as he loves to lead couples through the start of their new life together.

  • Jonica

  • Photographer
  • Jonica is key member of the Eloping is Fun team. A tried and true Brooklynite with a hint of her hometown Texas charm, she carries a grace that quickly puts others at ease in front of her camera. Jonica honed her skills at the International Center of Photography and at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and impresses our clients with her talent in finding incredible locations to shoot at here in New York City. Jonica is a consummate observer and loves being able to enter the sacred space of wedding ceremonies in order to preserve the beautiful moments that would otherwise be lost. Jonica cleverly immortalizes each detail that makes an elopement special, and feels honored to document the joining of two lives together into one.

  • Mariliana

  • Photographer
  • Mariliana was born and raised in Venezuela. Her father introduced her to photography at an early age, and she began taking photography workshops in her teens. When Mariliana isn’t behind the lens, you can find her dancing, teaching yoga, discovering new neighborhoods in New York, or obsessively reading about food. Mariliana doesn’t know how to give less than 100%. Her clients say, “We chose Mariliana because of her exceptional eye for capturing the simple beauty of the moment, her passion for the craft of photography, and the contagious joy she exudes. She captured what we wanted to remember about our wedding as well as things we wanted to see (while we were so busy getting married!).”

  • Mayleen

  • Photographer
  • Miami born and raised photographer, Mayleen Gonzalez, has been actively involved in the local fashion scene from editorial photo shoots to street style. Gaining inspiration from various world-renowned photographers as well as the Wynwood street art culture – she manages to keep her style fresh. Jenny was a big fan of Mayleen’s photography so she asked her to come on board as an Eloping is Fun photographer. Her favorite spots are Dumbo and the New York Public Library for its classic clean architecture.