Vegas vs. NYC

The Ultimate Showdown

So you've decided to take the plunge and elope!? Vegas has been the palace that comes to mind when we think elope but NYC is here to battle it out in regards to ease, flexibility, fun and creativity when it comes to this once in a lifetime experience.

Las Vegas and New York City are two iconic destinations that offer very different experiences for couples like you seeking an unforgettable elopement. In this elopement heavyweight fight, get ready to explore the glitz and glamour of Vegas versus the undeniable charm of the Big Apple. Spoiler alert: NYC might just steal your heart (and your vows)!

Round 1: The Wedding Chapels vs. NYC Streets:

In the red corner, we have Las Vegas, home to the infamous wedding chapels that have witnessed more "I do's" than Elvis sightings. There's something undeniably kitsch and rebellious about getting hitched in Sin City.

And in the blue corner, NYC, style, sophistication, history, glamour. Our wedding chapels are THE STREETS OF  NYC where the city will be invited into your wedding and your love story. NYC is known for its truly authentic heartfelt magical moments on wedding days.

Round 2: Casino Extravaganza vs. Lower East Side Grit

On one hand, we have the Casinos, nightlife, neon, and even Brittany which almost has me sold. At its core Vegas is all about extravagance.

Now, enter the Lower East Side, a neighborhood that embodies the grit and authenticity of New York City. The narrow streets, historic tenements, and eclectic mix of cultures create an atmosphere that's both edgy and intimate ensuring your wedding is a uniquely New York experience: raw and real.

Round 3: Neon Lights vs. City Lights:

Las Vegas is a neon wonderland, with flashy lights and extravagant displays at every turn.

But have you ever walked the strip? It is packed, overstimulating, and loud and there is no escape from the onslaught of stimuli

New York City’s skyline and lights create a mesmerizing atmosphere that never gets old. The twinkling lights from the cozy apartment and office buildings in NYC’s magical skyline and the turn-of-the-century lamp gas-lit posts guarantee a level of chill and class

Round 4: DIY Vegas Adventure vs. NYC Planner

On the flip side, NYC beckons with the promise of a dedicated wedding planner who knows the city like the back of their hand. Imagine having someone take care of every detail – from securing the perfect venue to curating the ideal photographer and ensuring a seamless flow of events. A dedicated planner in NYC brings not just professionalism but insider knowledge, ensuring that your elopement is a stress-free, curated experience tailored to your unique love story.

For the adventurous souls considering Vegas, the DIY approach might sound thrilling. From choosing a chapel to handling the logistics of accommodation, transportation, and entertainment, there's a sense of freedom in crafting your own elopement experience. However, let's not forget the potential pitfalls – coordinating multiple vendors, dealing with last-minute surprises, and the risk of overlooking essential details amid the excitement could leave you no remembering a thing about your wedding day amidst all the stress!

Round 5: Elvis vs. EIF Officiant:

I don't know about you but I don't want to be upstaged by Elvis on my wedding day. I'd much rather be upstaged by Rev Love or Bushwick Freddy

Opt for NYC and you can have your pick of a fashionable officiant that fits your style as a couple and ensures your vows are as timeless as the love you share.

.......New York City for the ultimate elopement destination. While Vegas may offer a wild and wacky experience, nothing quite compares to the timeless elegance, cultural richness, gritty cool, and undeniable charm that the Big Apple brings. So, if you're ready to elope and dance into marital bliss, make your way to NYC, where love is always in fashion, and the city itself becomes the backdrop to your happily ever after in a New York State of Mind!

After 5 well-fought rounds…In the battle of Vegas versus NYC the winner is.......

Ashley Joyce, Planning Guru

Ashley is our resident Eloping is Fun Planning Guru. She believes your wedding should reflect you as a couple 100%. If you let your individual personalities, customs, preferences and style come together to guide you…you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable, unique wedding day!

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