permission to have the elopement of your dreams

We all have our individual reasons for not doing a trad wedding. The top three are: Family drama, cost and "just don't want it thanks." At the core of all these reasons are the underlying themes of simple and personal

I hear these reasons every day from our couples, so I have built the core of our business around these values. Keeping it super low key, super simple. I myself had a very simple wedding. And couples come to us because the word “wedding” might send shivers down your spine.

You are here today because you have decided to take this path, the elopement way, but what if I told you that you can have your cake and eat it too. That you have permission to go for it and dream big…but in YOUR way, not the way that popular culture has cornered you into…I get you.. you are the rebels. I am TOO.

And after ten years of doing this, I now realize that some these couples were not dreaming big enough, were not looking at the big picture and allowing themselves to got for it. Some things ring true for big wedding as well as elopements and its that when it comes to this day you get one shot, one day that will be a day you relive and retell for the rest of your life. The Quote the infamous words from Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton "i'm not throwing away my SHOT"

Im not promoting perfection here at ALL. I am not promoting biting off more than you can chew. But I want your elopement day to be more than one note. I want this day to be a story, the first chapter of this amazing life you are creating together. The openness and freedom in which you approach this day is an investment with a payoff that will last a lifetime . . .

This has also been a blindspot for me, until I started to listening to couples who were struggling with the overwhelm and anxiety about planning their wedding and I started to hear from them they DID want something MORE. More photos, more adventure even more pomp….

I listened, and then I started to speak to other couples who came to us intimidated by "weddings" and still a bit unsure about their dreams and needs or what is possible for this day. Another huge trend that was limiting them was trying to hard to stick to a hardline budget just because its an “elopement” I am all for reasonable and manageable budgets but i am a bigger proponent of not letting that be your SOLE guiding principle for one of most important days of your life.

This is about dreaming bigger than you have allowed yourself to and just say “Fugg it! We do want something MORE! more photos, more adventure and more pomp

So here it goes, I am speaking to the couples who fell into the “simple” trap and didn’t get the videographer cuz you thought it was too over-the-top for a lil ol elopement?

Or fell into the “budget” trap and didn’t realize that $1K could allow you exponentially more of an adventure and story than you thought possible

EIF offers a million ways to avoid falling into these traps, each one infinitely more exciting and empowering than spending your life savings on a big, impersonal wedding (or spending the day in the vibe killer that is city hall, taking a number and standing in line—only to finally face an officiant who looks dead behind the eyes and couldn’t give two fuggs).

It’s taken me almost ten years to face and acknowledge some of the regrets I have about my own wedding, which is why, as you get to know me you will hear me say over and over again:

“Have you dreamed about what you really want for this day? If you had 100% permission to just go for it, to have fun, and express yourself without limitations, what would you do?”

And I get it. You might not even have the answer to those questions right now. But the team at EIF and I are here to help you dream, to help you expand your horizons, to help you open your eyes to the endless possibilities, and best of all we are here to make the whole damn thing happen!!

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