everyone needs a fairy godmother

My feisty, tomboyish five-year-old daughter’s favorite bedtime story is Cinderella. We alternate between dinosaur books 🦖 and Cinderella every other night 😂

We all know the story of Cinderella, but lets take a deeper look on how it relates to you as you plan your elopement

What Cinderella teaches us about life, love, work and unexpected snafus

The king throws a ball and invites all the single ladies in the land to attend so that his son, Prince Charming, can choose a wife.

Cinderella is excited to go but her stepmother tells her that she can only go IF she does her work first and has a dress to wear.

Cinderella works day and night (sound familiar?), leaving no time for her to prepare a dress; but lucky for her, the mice that live in her room see her dilemma and get to work bedazzling her plain ol’ dress with beads and sashes they find around the house. Items that Cinderella’s evil stepsisters discarded.

an unexpected turn.....

When Cinderella at last completes all her work and retires to her room, she discovers the lovely dress that her mice friends whipped up for her to wear to the ball. Cinderella is overjoyed and runs down the stairs to tell her stepmother and stepsisters the good news.

And what happens next?

The stepsisters rip Cinderella’s beautiful dress to pieces. Cinderella is stunned, shocked, and despondent, and so are her mice friends. In tears, she resigns herself to her fate, yielding to her stepsisters’ cruelty and accepting that she won’t be attending the ball.

what is cinderella going to do.......

The story would end here without the arrival of my favorite character . . .

that’s right, the fairy godmother!

Bubbly, magical, and prepared to take charge, Cinderella’s fairy godmother swoops in, assesses the situation, and.........

gets to WERK.

She arrives at the nick of time to save the day and get Cinderella to the damn ball so that she can meet the prince and fall in love already! Oh, and live happily ever after . . .

OK, but let’s back up . . . What was it that happened when the fairy godmother came on the scene? She took care of all the details from the coach to the footmen to the white horses . . . not to mention a fabulous updo, a beautiful dress, and those to-die-for glass slippers.

Are the fairy godmother’s feathers ruffled at Cinderella’s sudden turn of events, the way Cinderella herself was?


Last night as I read and re-read this story to my daughter, I realized another great skill possessed by the fairy godmother.

She ANTICIPATED all of Cinderella’s needs and executed them. She remained calm, collected, and FULL of ideas and resources—proving she could step up in a pinch and be a true boss bitch.

And as soon as Cinderella had everything in place, she took it from there. She had the night she was destined to have without a care in the world, dancing with the prince until the clock stuck midnight. And, of course, he fell in love with her charm and grace. How could he resist?

And the rest is Disney, I mean history, LOL!

Someone “in the know” to give her the best ideas and make sure her evening was the event of the season.

Behind every great fairy tale princess is a ground crew that really knows their stuff. And in our case, that’s your Eloping Is Fun planning guru (a.k.a., yours truly) and her team. Sure, Cinderella was invited to the ball, and sure, she did manifest a lovely dress, but she did not anticipate that her plan would go sideways . . . no one ever does.

For me, this story was always about the fairy godmother. I mean, there is NO Cinderella story without the fairy godmother. Without that boss lady’s decisive and thoughtful “Sala-gadoolas,” Cinderella would have spent the night at home.

Great things are achieved with support and guidance. That’s the magical role that EIF plays for you in your own unique elopement fairy tale.

Let us pull the strings and wave our magic wand and give you the wedding of your dreams!

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