eloping in nyc from scotland

There’s no better place for Scots to elope than NYC. We have it all, Broadway, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and don't forget the shopping. NYC is a place you can live to its fullest in the big city. We have been welcoming Scottish couples eloping in NYC since our inception. Read on as i try my hard at some Scottish slang and share some tips for Eloping in NYC from Scotland!

If your ever thinking about eloping in New York City our Scottish couples simply say dae it! Getting the wedding license is a doddle. A short application online, $35 and quick interview then your good to go in 24 hours. On the day the crew at Eloping is Fun can organize everything from flowers to hair and make up and even the evening scran or swallie, it's nae bother at aw.

There is nothing more braw than getting hitched in one of the most iconic cities in the world, dressed up to the nines. Our photographers will gie it laldy and capture you when your at your most bonnie. The patter from New Yorkers really gives our couples a sense that the city is really celebrating with them.

Why would you nae get married here, you really cannae beat it!

YER a long time deid

While we can’t guarantee we will understand everything that you say, we do promise that we WILL understand your Scottish vibe. Scots get on in NYC and NYC loves the Scots. New Yorkers and Scots share a similar outer toughness and inner warmness. We both love banter strangers and having a laugh and living it up because as we have hear a Scotsman say...... Yer a long time deid.

That said we want to share a few things form our eloping is fun family to our Scottish friends to so that you can have a pure dead brilliant elopement in nyc

Stefanie and Daley and their two best mates ended the nite in Times Sq with whiskey and cigars and silly sunglasses. a Brilliant time was had by all!

Your marriage in NYC will be legal and recognized back home in Scotland.

The process in nyc will be a slosh. Its a $35 fee and a 5 min application with a quick visit to the nyc marriage bureau aka the city clerk. After you get your license then our Eloping is Fun celebrant will sign off and send it in. Your official marriage certificate will be mailed to you back home in Scotland. A visit to your local registrar to file your certificate and you are all set.


Rent a kilt locally

There are a handful of class kilt hires in nyc so that you don’t have to bring your whole kit from Scotland.

Your kilt, jacket Sporran, Sgian Dubhs, kilt pins, brogues and flashes can all be hired and delivered right to your hotel here in NYC!

kilt nyc

Add a little thistle to it.

Our florist partners can make a specialty Scottish wedding bouquets and Boutonniere for you.

When I 1st started eloping is fun I carried a flask of whisky for my couples. Now that we do over 100 weddings a year I think its best to get yer own flask to commemorate the occasion.

Get a custom wedding flask to stash in your sporran.

AYE LASSIE, looking good

Glam it up. NYC is the place to get gussied up. Make a whole week out out of it. From a to notch spray tan to a a beard trim at a fancy barber shop. Our eloping is fun planning Guru can point ya in the right direction or better yet book our VIP concierge planning service and tell us what ya fancy and we will book the whole lot for ya!

Eat drink and be merry, top off an epic nyc wedding weekend getting bevvied up and a feast at one of our famous steakhouses or Michelin star restaurants. But if any point you are hankering for some propper crisps or Irn-Bru then we can also tell ya where to find them.

I hope you enjoyed my Scottish colloquialisms and slang.

NYC also has a rich rich tradition of slang. I'll share a few of my favorites

Brick-cold “its brick out” NYC can get freezing. That is why you always see us in our “puffers” aka puffy north face jackets.

Deadass-yes, for real, im serious. Its a word that puts a stamp and seal on any statement. Example “Eloping in NYC is awesome DEADASS”

Bodega-this is what we call our corner stores, esp ones that sell BEC (bacon egg and cheese) you can get anything at a bodega, cat litter, cigarettes, ice cream, red bull, diapers. NYC loves our bodegas

Schmear-this is a great yiddish term for cream cheese on your bagel

Schlep-another yiddish term for moving around, traveling, carrying stuff, “oy I gotta schlep all the way to midtown for my hairdresser”

Ratchet-this is a fun one, it means nasty, jsut all around nasty. You can use it for anything or anyone.

Buggin or wilding out-it means you are acting stupid, “he’s buggin” if someone is annoying you. Wilding out is when you see someone on the street acting super crazy.

Stephanie + Daley from Glasgow

When the idea of Eloping in New York started to become a reality we looked into

Elopement companies 'across the pond' and found "Eloping is fun". From the very start we knew that they would do everything to make our day amazing and run as smooth as possible, and it did. The Eloping is fun crew organised everything nothing was too much to ask, its what we would call in Scotland "Nae bother at aw” We spent the first hour of our day in the vintage taxi driving around some iconic locations, stopping for photographs including outside of Radio City. We were told this is not something that's usually allowed but Jenny and Peter worked their magic and the police let's us stop for a few snaps. We definitely recommend adding the vintage taxi to your day!

Our ceremony was held at Wagners Cove in Central Park, a beautiful secluded location next to the lake. Our officiant Rev Love aka Joel did and amazing job telling our story, with lots of funny wee anecdotes and a really personalized touch. The photographs were 'pure dead brilliant' as we say in Scotland and we honestly couldnt have asked for anything better.We spent our day all dolled up in some of the most iconic locations in New York, including Top of the Rock and Times Square. The friendliness of New Yorkers and tourists alike congratulating us throughout the day felt like the whole city was celebrating with us. We wish we could relive our big day all over again.

Our braw photographer Jenny used her gallus New York style to make sure we kept to schedule and could fully enjoy the day.


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