How to Elope in NYC

Your step-by-step guide to an awesome NYC elopement

Congratulations! You've found the love of your life, you've set a date, you've alerted the press, you've invited your Aunt Bertha, and you're going to get married. And then. The deposit date looms closer. You never realized how many chairs it takes to seat 200 of the sorta-closest-but-not-really-all-that-special people you've ever known. And you and your betrothed say to one another, in the privacy of the bedroom, late at night after too many bourbons to soothe too many more wedding-planning-headaches, "Honey. I love you. Let's elope instead."

Step-by-step guide to eloping in NYC

• Arrive in NYC

Marvel at the energy, the non-stop pace, the excitement and the electricity. Check into your hip hotel and have a cup of strong coffee. At some point, 8:30am - 5pm Monday through Friday, head downtown to the Office of the City Clerk; 141 Worth Street, between Baxter and Centre streets. Bring your IDs and fill out the forms. Smile at everyone and be polite. No big deal, just getting your Marriage License. Important to do this at least 24-hours before your ceremony. No Vegas-style shotgun weddings here, buckeroos! Celebrate the marriage license by eating out in Chinatown, immediately adjacent to the Civic Center. 

• It's your thing. Do whatcha wanna do

Not just an incredible Isley Brothers single from 1969, but the guiding light behind every elopement. Since the *mostly* only people present at your elopement are YOU and your FIANCE (plus photographer and officiant!), the ceremony can be personalized to your heart's content.

Unfortunately, no NYC elopements allowed in Beyonce's private duplex on Fifth Avenue. But want to get married on the steps of the Public Library? Sure thing. How about in a hidden corner of Grand Central Terminal? Absolutely. In the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge's pedestrian walkway? As long as we're not blocking traffic, let's get it done.

• Take some awesome photos

Did you want your elopement photography to be quiet and sweet and natural? We've got Central Park for that! What about gritty and sexy and street arty? Let's head to Bushwick! Want the requisite NYC subway photographs? We can subway surf in your wedding dress and snazzy suit. Or if checker cabs are more your thing, that's another fab option. Really and truly, your creativity is the limit - and New York is the canvas. 

• Ceremony time

You're married! Sign the documents and send the Officiant on his way Nows the fun part, where you and your Eloping Is Fun photographer traverse the city looking for those magical moments where time is frozen, fantasies are fulfilled, the future is nowhere to be seen and you and your brand new wife/hubby are sexy and invincible.

Eloping in NYC is FUN and E-A-S-Y (Europeans are always in awe of how easy it is). Your Marriage in NYC is recognized worldwide. We can help you with all the bits and pieces from licenses to locations to apostille’s.

We offer the best elopement photography in NYC and the COOLEST officiants. We can also arrange for a vintage taxi to take you to your ceremony or an eclectic private elopement ceremony location, oh and we offer elopement videography packages as well.

Did I mention that people love us!