how much time do i need for my wedding photos?

A great question, and one that we get asked a lot, is: “How much time do I need for my elopement photo shoot?”

Picture the photos you want to have after your elopement experience . . . really SEE your photos and feel the joy that these photos will hold and express for you.

Go ahead and do this now . . . I’ll wait! Go crazy . . . anything goes . . . let your imagination run wild. This exercise is one of the best parts of your planning process 🙂 and is known as pre-visualization. Write down your answers. Here is an example

  • The NYC skyline
  • Beautiful bridges in Central Park
  • Eating a hotdog or pizza
  • Classic cobblestone street
  • Brooklyn Bridge archway

Some people (dare we say MOST) shudder at the thought of “posing” or being in front of a camera for an extended period of time.

Well, I’m gonna slash that misnomer right here and right now, because at EIF we don’t “pose”—we play, we move, we explore, we DO things (sometimes silly things) . . . and best of all, we have FUN on our photo shoot with you.

Now that we’ve gotten any minor hesitation out of the way, the best method for zeroing in on the right number of hours for your elopement photos is to close your eyes, look into your mind’s eye, and ask yourself what you WANT.


For the photo connoisseur. For couples that understand the power and the value of photos and want to invest in a day of adventure together.

With the 7-Hour Package, we can shoot at up to 5 or 6 locations:

  • Manhattan + Bklyn
  • Central Park + the NYC skyline
  • Snacks + drinks
  • Subway + vintage taxi
  • Getting ready to Champagne toasts

Our 7-Hour Package will cover all the bases and give you a bountiful variety of images to cherish and share. HERE is a sample itinerary


Our 1.5-Hour Mini Package focuses on ONE location for your ceremony and mini portrait session. Recommended locations:

  • The Brooklyn waterfront
  • Midtown

We can strategically pack a lot of punch into this mini elopement package.


Our 3-Hour Package will have us exploring and photographing at to up to 2 exciting locations:

  • Iconic NYC + greenery and romance
  • Architecture or street art

Our 3-Hour Package is a classic that allows you to have a curated and exciting NYC experience and come home with amazing photos.


For the adventurous and fun couple, With the 5-Hour Package, we can photograph at up to 3 or 4 locations. You will be drawing from this well of dope wedding photos for the next decade of your life and then some so lets go for it! here are some ideas and a link to a Sample Itinerary

  • West Village or the LES
  • Lobby of your fancy hotel
  • A hot dog or a stop at a slice shop

We want you to have a fun and peaceful day

These location guidelines have been tried and tested by our elopement gurus. We want you to have a fun and peaceful day without a TON of “schlepping” around. We also want you to have time to explore and get to know each location. We know your photos will be 10X better if you’ve had time to relax and unwind in front of our camera, instead feeling like you’re in a Formula 500 pit stop

We are super excited to help you bring your elopement dreams to life. Drop us a line and schedule a call with Jenny so we can start envisioning your day!