Weddings in Central Park
Applicants should apply for a Special Events permit with the Manhattan Borough
Office if 20 or more people will attend their event. It takes 30 days to process a permit.
Applicants must apply online at http://nyc.gov/parks. There is a $25 non-refundable
application fee, payable by credit or debit card via the online application.
• No set-up (includes tents/tables/chairs); chuppahs may be hand-carried in and out with prior permission
• No amplified sound (acoustic music is permitted)
• No vehicles or pedicab drop-off permitted
• No alcohol
• No flowers, balloons, or decorations
• No banners or signs affixed to Park property or trees; no staking into the ground
• The public must always have access to the park
• Cleanup is required; the venue should be in the same condition as it was before the event
Suggested Locations for Weddings in Central Park
• Cop Cot (max. 50 ppl.): 60th St., close to Central Park South in the center of the park
• Ladies Pavilion (Gazebo, max. 20-25 ppl.): 77nd St. and West Drive
• Wagner Cove (Gazebo, max. 20-25 ppl.): 72nd St. west of Cherry Hill at the edge of the lake
• Cherry Hill (max. 100 ppl.): Off of the 72nd St. Transverse, just east of West Drive
• Harlem Meer (max. 100 ppl.): 110th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
• Shakespeare Garden (max. 20-25 ppl.): 79th St. and West Drive
• Bethesda Terrace /Bethesda Fountain (25 ppl.): Off of 72nd St. Tranverse in the center of the park
• Cedar Hill (max. 50 ppl.): 79th St. and 5th Ave. on the east side of the park
• Great Hill (max. 100 ppl.): West 103rd St.
• Gapstow Bridge (max. 20-25 ppl.): 59th St. Pond, off of Central Park West and 5th Ave.
• Belvedere Plaza (max. 20-25 ppl.): No access to castle
• Bow Bridge (max. 20-25 ppl.)
• The Pool Lawn (max. 80 ppl.): Between West 101st and 102nd Sts., north lawn of pool
• Summit Rock (max. 80 ppl.): 83rd St. and Central Park West
Note: Applicants interested in holding their event at the Conservatory Garden must contact the Central
Park Conservancy at 212.360.2766 or via www.centralparknyc.org.

We can help guide you through the process and recommend the perfect spot for you! any questions please feel free to email me hello@elopingisfun.com or get in touch thru our contact form